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This library contains citations for our publications in the field of downstream processing. Copyright restrictions preclude us from providing electronic copies for some entries, but you are welcome to download any linked files for your individual personal used. Entries are posted in reverse chronological order in each section. There is a lot of new material and we’ll be updating content regularly so feel free to visit as often as you like. If you need Acrobat Reader, you can download a free copy from http://www.adobe.com/.

If you wish to use any of these files in support of a report or publication, you can cite the web address in place of the journal. The addresses for even the earliest files have remained unchanged since they were first posted, so you can be confident that readers and editors will be able to find them.

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Validated Biosystems, 2(1) 1-14 (1997) Evaluating Lot-to-Lot Reproducibility of Chromatography Media Sample Application in Preparative Chromatography: Cross-Platform Format Variations with On-Line Dilution INTELLIGEN'S BatchPro Designer: Process Design, Simulation , and Economic Evaluation Software for Downstream Processing Practical tips for Enhanced DNA detection, Virus removal, Delipidation, and more...

Validated Biosystems, 1(4) 1-13 (1997) Considerations in Setting Method Sequence in Multistep Purification Processes Tips for Enhancing Fractionation of Protein Glycosylation Isoforms Molecular Probes' Picogreen Reagent: A New Tool for Monitoring DNA New Reagents for Monitoring Biotinylation New References for Biomolecule Labeling and Conjugation A NewWebsite for Immunobiologists

Validated Biosystems, 1(3) 1-12 (1996) Linear and Step Gradient Elution; Data versus Dogma The Strange Case of the Golden Gamma Globulin Molecular Devices' Threshold System: An Overlooked Asset in Process Development Practical tips on IMAC, removing air from column frits, and more...

Validated Biosystems, 1(2) 1-11 (1996) Maximizing Process Capacity in Preparative Chromatography High Efficiency Mobile Phase Degassing Systems Unpacking Methods for High Density Chromatography Media New On-Line Resources Process Guides and more...

Validated Biosystems, 1(1) 1-8 (1996 ) Instrument-Associated Aberrations in Scale-up and Scale- down Pharmacia's New Äkta Explorer Affinity media for non-IgG antibodies Fluorimeters for HPLC Process Guides and more...

Our newletters had a regular feature called The Jungle, in which we printed technical tips. Here they are, all in one place.

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